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Our Commitments Quality & Ethics

Quality, ethics and transparency

Ethical conduct, continuous improvement and transparency on our activities is a priority for V.E. To that effect, the key policies governing our behaviour as well as our commitments are provided below.

Our quality assurance

Our code of conduct

Independence, transparency, quality and integrity requirements are all formalised within our code of conduct which is signed by all V.E employees.

Our code of conduct

Our commitments to rated issuers

V.E has issued 12 professional commitments towards the issuers that we assess. These strengthen the ethical commitments made within our code of conduct.

Our 12 commitments

Our quality certification

To support our mission, we will leverage on the ISO9001 quality management system that we have implemented across the Agency to continuously improve our organisation and processes.

CSCI Document
ISO9001 certificate


V.E is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and the UN Principles for Responsible Investments. Our latest reports can be found below:

Our annual report
UN-PRI transparency report