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Align your investments with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations SDGs represent the blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. With the UN 2030 Agenda less than a decade away, how are your investments measuring up against the SDGs? Our solution helps you to integrate the SDGs into your workflow with ease supporting innovation and portfolio screening.

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SDG Alignement Screening

Our SDG Alignment Screening enables you to create an SDG-aligned investment strategy, fund or index; or screen for risks within portfolios.

Data for each of the 17 Goals

Our dataset has been structured to provide reliable and comprehensive information on a company’s contribution to (and alignment with) each of the 17 SDGs

A dual lens approach

As part of our robust methodology, we apply a dual-lens approach for each of the 17 SDGs:


  • A net contribution lens analyses the contribution that a company’s makes to the SDGs based on its products and services;
  • A net behaviour lens assesses company exposure to and management of controversies as well as disclosures on policies and systems
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Our Strengths

Our robust methodology, rigorous controversy monitoring and intuitive dataset allow you to track SDG alignment with ease.

SPO track record

The SDG Alignment Screening allows investors to track their portfolio’s alignment to each one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. By applying a dual lens, the SDG Alignment Screening provides investors with insights to analyse both a company’s net contribution, through its products and services as well as its net behaviour, through its policies and systems.


Elisabetta Colombo, SDGs Product Manager, V.E