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Sustainable finance Sustainability-linked loans

Sustainability-linked loans

Following the success of the sustainability bonds and loans market which is geared towards financing specific projects, banks and borrowers are now showing growing interest in responsible borrowing based on the unspecified use of proceeds (mainly RCF*). These sustainability-linked loans (or ESG-linked loans) incentivise companies to improve their ESG performance by directly linking the financial terms of a loan to predetermined sustainability targets.

*RCF : Revolving Credit Facility

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Our sustainable-linked loans

Depending on the nature of the borrowing mechanisch (ESG score, indicators), we evaluate the ESG performance of the borrower or the relevance of the associated indicators and targets.

Solutions 1: Loans linked to the ESG score

  • Providing an annual ESG rating and a one-pager summary with key figures
  • Option: annual presentation of performance via webinar or on-site meeting

Solution 2: Loans linked to specific KPIs

  • Delivering our annual opinion on selected KPIs
  • Assessing the discolsure relevance, consistency and significance of the KPIs, in line with the Loan Market Association’s Sustainability-Linked Loans Principles.
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