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Independent, third party opinions that give confidence to your investors

To build a more resilient future, sustainability and finance go hand. Partner with our experienced global teams and showcase the sustainability credentials of your operations with transparency and impact.

Our offer

Our Second Party Opinions (SPOs)

  • An independent, standards based opinion on your sustainable bond or loan framework
  • Intuitive design supports clear communications towards investors
  • Impact methodology and SDG Mapping make clear the benefits of your planned projects

SPO provides three key pieces of information:

  • The assessment of bond issuance
  • The assessment of the issuer
  • The level of coherence between those aspects

Why V.E?

Our Strengths: with an experienced, global team at your disposal, we offer you an efficient and personalised service.

A global team

A simple process

Leading SPO provider in the market

30+ years’ experience in ESG assessments

Over 300 missions since 2012

Climate Bonds Standard approved verifier

Our record

We have provided over 300 SPOs across 30+ different countries demonstrating our global and cross sector reach

SPO track record

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