NEW 5 Minute Read – Gender Lens Investing

In celebration of the United Nations International Women’s Day, V.E’s analysts, Nadia Boujdadi and Marianna Fatti, are offering insights on one of the emerging trends in ESG that highlights the importance of investing resources in women and their presence in the financial industry.​ Gender Lens Investing strategies seek to intentionally and measurably use capital to address gender disparities between women and [...]

Gender diversity in the workplace: baby steps but miles to go!

Innovative products such as “gender bonds”, aiming at pushing funds to invest in companies promoting working gender equality and women professional empowerment, have emerged on the market and met relevant success among investors. Non discrimination is a fundamental right which has been recognized in international norms and standards (ie. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, U.N. [...]

Gender diversity in corporate senior management: glass ceiling yet to be cracked

Gender equality is a question of social responsibility: it involves the prevention of discrimination and active measures to protect and promote women not only in recruitment, remuneration, working conditions, access to training and social benefits, but also in corporate senior management roles. These principles are embedded into international standards such as United Nations and International [...]

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