NEW 5 Minute Read – Gender Lens Investing

In celebration of the United Nations International Women’s Day, V.E’s analysts, Nadia Boujdadi and Marianna Fatti, are offering insights on one of the emerging trends in ESG that highlights the importance of investing resources in women and their presence in the financial industry.​ Gender Lens Investing strategies seek to intentionally and measurably use capital to address gender disparities between women and [...]

NEW 5 Minute Read – Controversy Risk Assessment: 2020 Snapshot

2020 was a year defined by social risks. The global pandemic, protests against inequality, workforce digitalisation and the social impacts of the energy transition are shifting the risk landscape for investors at an unprecedented rate. To help investors in navigating this context, the Moody’s ESG Solutions Group, through its affiliate V.E, provides daily ESG controversy [...]

ILO publishes new paper on integrating international social standards into corporate strategies, based on Vigeo Eiris data

In addition to the commitments made by economic actors, corporate social responsibility is attracting increasing interest from researchers and public institutions worldwide. A key challenge is to understand how corporate compliance with international social and environmental standards translates into practice, and the extent to which the integration of governance principles and responsible conduct into companies’ [...]

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« Green and Sustainable Finance Initiative »: Paris Europlace presents its 15 recommendations — a faire–

Realised by a collective work done by « Paris Green and Sustainable Finance Initiative » committee that gathers public, private, associative actors from the financial industry, this report highlights, as pointed out by Arnaud de Bresson, general delegate of Paris Europlace, « the acceleration of initiatives from Paris Marketplace to develop a green and sustainable [...]

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To read: a parliamentary report on ” the Extension of the widened responsibility of producers in the print media “

vigeo eiris okA lire : un rapport parlementaire sur "l'Extension de la responsabilité élargie des producteurs (REP) à la presse écrite" - 23/02/2016

Vigeo Eiris a été auditionné dans le cadre de l'élaboration de cet important rapport remis par le député Serge Bardy et le sénateur Gérard Miquel aux ministres Ségolène Royal et Audrey Azoulay sur la responsabilité environnementale des entreprises de la presse écrite.

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Publication of the IRES study: ” The social responsibility and the performance of companies ” carried out with the support of the Vigeo’s research

CFC CGU-OKPublication de l’étude de l’IRES « La responsabilité sociale et la performance des entreprises » réalisée en appui de la recherche Vigeo - 12/10/2015

L’IRES et la CFE-CGC viennent de publier en septembre dernier, une étude de Sandra Cavaco (Université Panthéon Assas) et de Patricia Crifo (Université Paris Ouest-Economix, École Polytechnique et CIRANO (Montréal)) sur le lien entre la responsabilité sociale...

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