Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

From March 10th 2021, the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) starts to come into effect. SFDR will bring with it a number of mandatory disclosures requirements for Financial Market Participants (FMPs) and Financial Advisors (FAs) and we are here to help. Principle Adverse Impact (PAI): In February 2021, the European Authorities published a list [...]

V.E provides SPO on BBVA Uruguay’s Sustainability Framework

The USD $15 million intended Bond, governed by BBVA’s Sustainability Framework, closed in February 2021, will finance green and social credits. The Eligible Credits will be focused on energy efficiency projects, green buildings, clean transportation, sustainable agriculture and forestry and financing of SME and microfinance, with a focus on women, youth and companies affected by [...]

Moody’s ESG Solutions Group: V.E provides Second Party Opinion on Toyota Motor Corporation’s Woven Planet Bond Framework

(Japanese version below) Moody's ESG Solutions Group announced today that Moody's affiliate V.E has provided a Second Party Opinion (SPO) on Toyota Motor Corporation's Woven Planet Bond Framework, an inaugural sustainability bond in the Japanese automotive sector. The framework – which V.E considers aligned with the four core components of the Green Bond Principles, Social [...]

V.E provides SPO for Iberdrola’s Green hybrid bond

V.E has provided a Second Party Opinion (SPO) on Iberdrola's Green hybrid bond. The bond has been designed to finance one offshore wind project located in Saint-Brieuc (France) with a planned installed capacity reaching 496 megawatts, and one offshore wind project located close to Rügen island (Germany) with a planned installed capacity reaching 476 megawatts. [...]

V.E provides SPO for BNP Paribas’ Sustainable Supply Chain Financing Framework, a first in Singapore

V.E, a Moody's Affiliate, has provided a Second Party Opinion (SPO) on BNP Paribas' Sustainable Supply Chain Financing Framework. The framework is the first of its kind in Singapore. Through the framework, BNP Paribas will support corporates in meeting sustainability targets aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For more information on this mission and V.E’s SPO [...]

VE Releases New Study on Emerging Risks in the European Insurance Sector

KEY FINDINGS Within the Insurance sector, Vigeo Eiris assesses three elements related to emerging risks; first, companies’ commitments to addressing these emerging risks; second, the reported investments dedicated to research on emerging risks; and third, the provision of insurance policies covering them. Within our 2019 - 2020 assessment of European Insurance sector: 41% of companies [...]

Sustainable Banking – BBVA expands its Sustainable Transaction Banking Framework supported by Vigeo Eiris

The expanded framework, including a wider range of products will allow BBVA to support clients’ and sectors that, despite not having projects directly linked to the SDGs, establish strategies to stop climate change and promote sustainable development with new sustainability linked products. For deposits and structured deposits, funds from clients will be invested in a [...]

The Mining & Metals Sector under scrutiny by stakeholders has developed a mature approach to ESG strategies, although its involvement in controversies is still a source of risk

The report provides Vigeo Eiris’ exclusive opinion on 203 companies belonging to the Mining & Metals sector. The report includes the sector’s strengths, innovations and best practice as well as controversies, vulnerabilities and emerging challenges such as water and energy management in relation to expanding climate change initiatives and regulations. It analyses performance scores and [...]

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Vigeo Eiris publishes its UN Global Compact ‘Communication on Progress’ for 2017-18

This report covers our 2018 activities in relation to our commitments towards the UN Global Compact. We invite readers to note our announcement of 15 April 2019 regarding the change to our shareholder structure: Vigeo Eiris is now an affiliate of Moody’s Investors Service (MIS). The details surrounding this significant development will be published in [...]

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